360Life Church Stockport

Get life, Give life, Live life

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Churches come in all shapes and sizes. About us360Life Church is a Christian church, part of a mainstream evangelical denomination, Assemblies of God. We used to be called Stockport Centre Church. The new name reflects the fullness of life that Jesus promised his followers.

Every church is unique. You can get a flavour of what 360Life Church is like by browsing the pages of this web site. We are clear what we believe and our vision and the values that underpin it have been published on this site too.

We are led by a leadership team. We think traditional "one-man ministry" has disadvantages compared to "team ministry", not least the lack of a sound basis for one-man ministry in scripture.You can see mug shots of our team by clicking here, at your own risk!

If you have any questions about the church and about what it means to be a Christian, please contact us.

Audio recordings of sermons, together with copies of slides and handouts used, can be accessed by clicking here.